Tuesday, March 8, 2016

True Love

When I started on my most recent book, A Side of Love, I struggled a bit.

Love comes in all forms.

Of course, GOD is Love. And I wanted Jesus to be the focal point of ALL my books, so definitely this one too.

And I write romance, obviously it would have romantic love in it. All my books do.

But what could I do to really highlight LOVE as the theme?

As a mom of a teenage girl and a tween, I am just now starting to navigate the fun waters with my children of young love. Girlhood crushes that may or may not turn into something more. So I had fun using the "high school crush" angle in this book.

But even more than that, I wanted to show that love should be sacrificial.

Garrett has returned to Sandwich to care for his aging mother. He left his dream job, chef of a prestigious upscale restaurant in downtown Chicago, to be the chef of the Sandwich Emporium. I mean, I love the Emporium and all. It was created by my own imagination, so I have a special love for it. But---it will never compete or whole the prestige of Garrett's former position. But it gives him more time off and stability in a small town, and the ability to care for his mother.

And then we can also back up in his life to high school, when he had a crush on his best friend's sister. His dad convinced him to hold onto his feelings for later. That it would be selfish, as a senior in high school getting ready to move away to college, to entangle the heart of a freshman who had her whole high school "career" ahead of her. So he set aside his own feelings and wants at the time.

I loved these subtle undercurrents of love. Yes, love can be found in the mushy, ooey-gooey feelings of attraction we feel. It is a fun love and important one. But it shouldn't stop there. Love is so much MORE than that. It's what I REALLY hope to teach my girls as they start to navigate the boys/dating waters.

Let's Chat! Do you have any examples of sacrificial love in your own life? Either that you have shown others or others have shown you?


Ellen said...

My mom spent the last 2 years of her life (2008-2010)homebound after a neurological event and a fall. During that time, my dad (who is 88 now, so was 80-82 then) basically took TOTAL care of my mom, fixing her food, wheelchairing her to the bathroom, giving her meds, dressing her, etc. He set up her hospital bed in their family room, and every night for those two years, he would sleep on a mattress on the floor of the family room rather than back in his bed in the bedroom. Each morning he would lift up the mattress and slide it into a storage room off the family room, then pull it out again the next night. He wanted to be RIGHT THERE in case she needed him in the night. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in June of 2010, before she passed away in December. When we came up to my dad's house the day after she passed, my husband told my dad, "You have shown us what love is."

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