Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Father Abraham - Performed by Annabelle

Because sometimes.... ya just gotta have a little Father Abraham singin' while only half dressed and sittin' on the kitchen table.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

What were some of your favorite "songs" to sing when you were little??? (or maybe even now...)

I loved me some Father Abraham, but also did a mean Jesus Loves Me and "Give Me Gas for my Ford, keep me truckin' for the Looord..." too.


Jon and Vicki Marney said...

I LOVED "Give me gas for my Ford, keep me chuggin' for my Loord, give me gas for my Ford I pr-ay-ay!" I had forgotten until you mentioned it... Of course Father Abraham is a given. She is so proud of herself at the end of these--love it!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I liked "Deep and Wide" and "This Little Light of Mine." Hand motions!

I've never heard of the Ford song, and I'm just a little younger than you.