Monday, December 10, 2012

A knee-dropping kind of day

I've had a fever since Friday (started during Scott and I's rare date night, JOY.) Slacked of Saturday morning, thought I was better so went to writer's group Christmas brunch, but was back up to 101 by the time I got home. Finally broke completely last night.

Wasted $140 yesterday going to the Minute Clinic since I was worried it might be strep since it was just a fever and a bit of a sore throat.... just to find out that it's NOT and is only a stupid virus. 

Feel much better this morning, just a bit groggy.


Scott starts his new job today. 2 days of training then work starts Wednesday.

I start my part-time temporary job at my employer today. 2 days a week.

Annabelle starts her "going to Ellen's" house today. First time I've had anyone but family watch her.

It's a big day, y'all.

So today's post is just a request for prayer that we all survive it, that this God-ordained day of "firsts" goes smoothly.

And that the rest of my family does NOT get this junk!!!

I think Scott actually has had it this weekend some too, just a milder version since his fever never spiked high like mine did. So hoping that means he's over it too and won't be "getting" it!

Sorry I don't have some grand post for you today.

The only big thing I have to say is...

God is good. Every day. All the time. No matter what.



Jessica Nelson said... is a big week for you guys! YOu're in my prayers. *hugs*

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh, I'll Amen that!

I'll be thinking about you.

Keli Gwyn said...

Adding my prayers.

Tammi T. said...

AMEN! You'll be in my prayers.