Friday, April 20, 2012

How my book can help you lose weight...

It's been a while since we've had Skinny Friday.

My scale is a testament to that. It's bad, folks. That I've fallen off the bandwagon is a gross understatement.

So, for the ease of numbers, I'm starting over at zero. If you've been doing well, please feel free to report your numbers! Maybe it'll encourage ME!

Now... I KNOW you all want to know how my book can help you lose weight.

Well, here it is, courtesy of my friend, Maria.

I had a fun Facebook message from Maria yesterday. She's been trying to lose 10 pounds, and told herself if she made her goal, she'd let herself preorder my book!

Well, she's already 8 pounds down, 2 more to go!

See??? Weight-loss plan my friends!


In all seriousness, the "reward" system is something I've used for myself in the past successfully. "When I lose 10 pounds I can __________."

My hubby and I even at one point set up a race, whoever lost x amount of weight (because he's a little bigger and can lose it faster, we usually set it up as a %) got to get one thing up to $$ of their choice.

So, sometimes bribery works!!!

Discussion: What will YOU reward yourself with when you hit your goal weight?


Valerie said...

10 pounds is a new outfit. I'm still wearing my same old clothes if that tells you anything. :/

Karen Lange said...

Aha - great reason! Perhaps I need to rethink my goals. :) Happy weekend!

Valerie Comer said...

And here I thought you were going to say, because laughing is such a great workout. Hey, it's true. Or you could read on the treadmill or exercise bike. See? Lots of ways! :)

Casey said...

Goals and reward are SUCH a good thing. I love the reward system. I've done that. And both feels pretty good. :)

Bonnie Way said...

That's funny! A friend of mine has found something she calls "the diet game" that she's doing with a group of friends. She says it's worked for her, because it turns dieting into a competition (with rewards) so it's not just about the weight. :) Congrats on the book, btw.

Riete said...

I failed miserably at the Skinny Friday ... if anything I GAINED weight lately :(
I've never done the reward thing so that's worth a try.
But as I have already per-ordered your book I'll have to come up with something else, LOL

Patty said...

I'm joining in on this one (at zero too) Krista!! My reward will be to let a relative (most likely my mom) babysit for a date with my husband which hasn't happenedsince I had my heart baby (almost 2 years).