Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 things a man can learn from an romance novel

1.) Never tell a woman you're sorry after you kiss her. Especially if you want any hopes of having that kiss again.

2.) Why are all hero's in a romance novel "Alpha" male? Because ... deep down, women want a protector. AKA a non-wuss. Lesson? Be a man:-)

3.) Muscles. Need I say more?

4.) The self-absorbed guy is always the villain. Hint. Hint.

5.) You're allowed to have flaws. Just...cute flaws:-)

6.) Never, EVER fool yourself into believing that you know what she's talking about. In fact, assume the opposite. If you think she can't stand you, she's probably digging you big time. If you think she's got it BAD for you, you might as well keep walking.

7.) Your friends? They're wrong. Every time.

8.) Ask permission for that first kiss. It might very well save you from a stinging slap in face.

9.) Unless you're into feminists ... it's still cool to be a gentleman. OPEN THE DARN DOOR for goodness sake!

10.) Um... did I mention the muscle thing? Okay, I know I did, but it was worth mentioning twice.


Jody Hedlund said...

Great list, Krista! I can't wait to read one of your books someday! Especially if this is a list of what your hero is like!

Jessica said...

Oh LOL! That is TOO funny! :-)

Marybeth said...

Now if only men would actually look at this list and follow this advice...sigh....


Krista Phillips said...

Jody, yes, most of my hero's obey these things:-)

Jessica, thanks, I had a few chuckles writing it too!

Marybeth, *sigh* you and me both, sista!

Cindy said...

Lol, that was a great list, Krista!

Wendy said...

#4 and #9 had me cracking up!
~ Wendy

Valerie said...

Cute flaws, eh? :P

Lady Glamis said...

#9 is my favorite. What a great list! If only men would really learn these things! Fortunately, my husband has #9 down pat.

Krista Phillips said...

Cindy, THANKS!

Wendy, LOL those are two of my favorites as well!

Valerie... YES cute flaws! Romance novels rarely have men with BAD flaws... or at least they are corrected by the end! LOL

Lady Glamis: My husband does that one pretty good too, although he has his moments:-)

Jaime said...

May I just say, AMEN AND AMEN to the muscle thing? :) My husband rock climbs. Ooo lala!!! :) shhh, he'd be embarrassed if he knew I posted that.

Krista Phillips said...

LOL The muscle thing is my favorite I think too:-) And my hubby has plenty of them too (granted he has a bit of padding OVER the muscles.... but that just makes him soft and cuddly too!)

Niki Turner said...

Oh, too fun, Krista! My husband and I have debated for years on why women read romances. I'll be sharing this with him! :)