Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today, I thought it would be fun to enlist my blog readers help in research.

If you could, please answer the following questions. I'll explain more tomorrow as to why.

* What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
* What is your least favorite kind of sandwich?
* Try to think of a unique sandwich that no one else will know about, or at least not the masses. Is there one regional to you? One maybe your family always had that everyone else thought was wierd?

Beware: Don't post a family secret if you don't like the possibility of this family recipe being mentioned in my book. *grin*

Happy Sandwich making, bloggees!


Jody Hedlund said...

My fav: Subway? or did you want homemade fav's? Since I'm a quick-and-easy kind of gal, then I'd have to say, grilled cheese with tomato soup.

My least fav: PB&J. Can't figure out why my kids devour them. Maybe I did when I was their age, then I developed more sophisticated taste buds for my grilled cheese. ;)

I live in Michigan and so we're pretty boring and simple kinda people! Nothin' fancy here!

Wendy said...

favorite: hot turkey melt
least favorite: peanut butter and fluff

unusual: brain isn't turned on yet...a grinder maybe?

~ Wendy

Ruth said...

Least favorite - probably PB & J...ate way too many of those as a kid. ;) Favorite? Probably a ham & cheese melt w/ lots of mustard!

Marybeth Poppins said...

I love a turkey Reuben without the slaw. YUM!! I have a habit of getting one at almost every restaurant to see who does it well and who doesn't quite meet my expectations.

My least favorite would probably be a REAL Reuben. Corned Beef and Sauer Kraut. EWE

Carol Bruce Collett said...

Love sandwiches! Wheat or sourdough hoagie roll with havarti cheese, black forrest ham, tomatoes, vidalia onions-put in toaster oven until cheese melts then add a smidge of German mustard-YUMMY!

Sharon A. Lavy said...

When ever we go to a "carry in" meal where the request is for sandwiches and something to go with it, I fix these and rarely have any to bring back home.

I buy Onion buns at the deli. [pkg of 8] Spread with mayo of choice.
One lb.thin sliced turkey,divide evenly on 8 buns.
One slice for lacy swiss cheese.


Sharon A. Lavy said...

Favorite from a restaurant? Ruben.

Sharon A. Lavy said...

Daughter left her tuna sandwiches from our family picnic. Tiny buns, tuna salad topped with lettuce. I am inhaling them.

Cindy said...

My leave favorite is PB&J--but I don't like peanut butter.

My favorite, if I had to choose only one sandwich to eat for the rest of my life, is something very simple. Deli ham and Swiss cheese on French bread. My husband and I ate these all the time when we went to France and we loved them so much we make them all the time here, too.

Anonymous said...

My Fav sandwich? Hmmmm...Chicken salad sandwich, the southwest chicken panini at J. Christophers, old fashioned roast beef and provolone (with Baked Lays potatoe chips added to it for "crunch")...weirdest would probably be peanut butter,bananas and fluff. I couldn't eat a lot but mmmm. Ben likes tuna fish and BBQ sauce sandwiches...in fact, he sometimes skips the "sandwich" and just opens a can of tuna and drowns it in BBQ sauce. He's gross, I know!

Lady Glamis said...

* What is your favorite kind of sandwich? Reuben with really, really good sauerkreut (or however you spell it)

* What is your least favorite kind of sandwich? Dry without pickles

* Try to think of a unique sandwich that no one else will know about, or at least not the masses. Is there one regional to you? One maybe your family always had that everyone else thought was wierd? Tomato and peanut butter sandwich - on toast, with a thin layer of crunchy peanut butter topped with fresh sliced garden tomatoes, salt, and fresh ground pepper. It's SOOO amazing!

Krista Phillips said...

Y'all are giving me SUCH good ideas!!!! (and making me so VERY very hungry!)

Keep em' comin!

Jeannie Campbell said...

i like a club with honey mustard and bacon. awesome.

don't like veggie sandwiches. what's the point?

when i lived in georgia, they had what they called a monte cristo sandwich at Cheddar's (food chain). it was essentially a ham and cheese sandwich DEEP FRIED. Oh. My. Gosh.

Christine Capra said...

My favorite would have to be cold leftover turkey (after Thanksgiving) and mustard and mayo.
And least favoirte I'd say ruben.
And saving the best for last that people think is so so strange would be Peanut butter on one slice of bread and Mayo on the other then a few slices of REAL chedder cheese in the middle :) (It's a must try though)

Valerie Comer said...

A family favorite here is cheese and pickle. Home-made wholewheat bread, home-made dill pickles.
Bread with butter, cheddar, sliced pickles, mayo, bread. When my daughter had to write how to make her favorite sandwich (when she was in second grade) she chose this one.

Peanut butter and (reasonably ripe) banana on toast is my personal fave.

My daughter used to order Ruebens every time we ate out, to compare them. Interesting how often they are coming up on your list!

My least fave? Anything with mustard or baloney. Bleh.