Saturday, August 29, 2015


An impromptu weekend post to announce an impromptu weekend SALE!

BOTH my novellas, A Side of Faith and A Side of Hope, are on SALE this weekend only for 99 cents each!!

If you haven't gotten a chance to check them out, now is a GREAT time!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Headphones meet SANDWICH!

So.... this really fun thing happened a few weeks ago.

My first novel, Sandwich with a Side of Romance, became available on AUDIO! How cool is that??

You can now LISTEN to a Sandwich. (And yes, I'm having a kick out of the play on words!)

Want a copy of it on Audio?

Here are a few options:

FREE TRIAL - Audible is GREAT program from Amazon if you're are (or think you might want to be) an audio book listener! You can sign up for FREE for the first 30 days and get 2 free audio book downloads! After that, it is $14.95 which is a pretty good deal considering the cost of BUYING audio books.

BUY the audio book - You can always say whatever to the subscription and just buy the audio book download for yours to keep... but it is admittedly pricey ($17.46)

Sorry for the purely advertising post... yours truly is knee deep in finishing her next book and was excited to share this bit of info, so there ya go!

(and I put the disclaimer on the side of my site, but just a note... all amazon links in this post--and on my whole site really--are affiliate links. That means I get a wee bit of a advertising kick-back if you buy anything as a result of clicking on a link in my posts. I just wanted to make sure I was upfront about that so no one thought it dishonest! But every little bit helps the ol' budget so Momma's gotta do what she can do!! :-) :-))

Hope you all have a STELLAR week!

Let's chat --- do you listen to audio books???

I have before and used to LOVE listening to them on my way to work when I had a 45 minute commute, but not on a regular basis. I have a daughter that gets carsick though if she tries to read, so I'm thinking an audio download she can listen to on headphones might be a GREAT option for her!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gettin' in the back-to-school Groove

It's here.

I'm both excited and ready to weep at the same time.

ALL FOUR of my children are in school.

I have a high schooler, a middle schooler, a 4th grader, and a kindergardner now. Holy canoli.

What does this mean?

~It means I'm getting older and have no "babies" at home.
~It means I've gained a little weight over eating my emotions away.
~It also means that I now have my days during the week to ACCOMPLISH non-kid-related stuff.
~It means I feel released to blog weekly again! YEAH!
~It means I'll be releasing TWO novellas this fall... one CHRISTMAS novella that features an ALL NEW setting and set of characters for me, and the last SANDWICH novella, A Side of Love.
~It means that I'll still be a very busy work-from-home mom!

I'm still working out my groove. Trying to get into a routine that works for me that helps me to be PRODUCTIVE with my time. I'm not always good with that as of late.... It used to be a strength of mine!! I'm determined to grab that back!

A few of the things I'm trying:

Jesus first - The moment my kids are out the door, I'm trying to sit down and having my Bible and prayer time. My kids are up so early that BEFORE they awake is laughable and Jesus would just tell me to go back to bed. But I think getting in a better habit of beginning my kid-free part of my day with Jesus will set me up for a God-glorifying day, and THAT is what I seek above all else.

Music vs. TV - In years past, I've kept the TV on most of the day on low. Not that I watched it much, but it made the house feel less empty when I was by myself and when kids were home, it was on cartoons a good bit of the time. I'm just not a fan of a completely quiet house, it would drive me insane! This year, I'm trying music instead. I set Pandora on my TV to various stations and have praise and worship music playing (quietly while I write, and blaring while I'm cleaning or what-not, LOL)

MACRO vs MICRO - I've tried schedules on and off the last few years. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. Not for me at least. I never actually FOLLOW the schedule and then I feel like a big failure and then I'm sad and stressed and then I eat and then I get fat and then I'm to tired to do anything and then I feel more like a failure and then... you get the drift. So instead of micromanaging my days, I'm making BIG goals. I have daily things I want to do (writing, picking up, Jesus time, contract work I do), and I just do them and take as long as they need and tick them off. I also have one BIG goal for each day... Yup. Only one. My daily goals take a good chunk of my time, so I don't really have a TON Of extra time. So monday's for example, is laundry day. Tuesday is deeper cleaning day. And so on.

GRACE - We're talking about grace at our church this month. LOVE the topic because goodness, we'd all be nowhere without the GRACE of God. I'm learning that I need to give myself a little too. When I screw up, when I have a total MOMMYFAIL day and I get nothing accomplished and everyone comes home to a messy house and a mommy who blew it... while not ideal, it isn't the end of the world. Instead of letting it ruin me, I'm leaning it isn't the end of the world. That there is a TON of value in learning now not to dwell on the failure and instead, learn from it, pick myself up, and try again the next day.

I'd love to hear from others what things help you manage your time well! 

Monday, July 20, 2015





Five years ago today was one of the scariest days of my life.

This little baby who I'd carried in my belly for almost nine months, who was happy with a heart that functioned well in utero, would be leaving my womb to a world where her special heart couldn't survive for more than a few days to a week as it was.

My mommy heart longed for her to stay where it was safe, even though physically I was miserable.

They gave us odds of survival which scared the daylights out of us. 70% chance of survival overall, with the largest risk of death in the first four months.

She'd have to have 3 open heart surgeries to make her half-heart work for her.
She'd be in the hospital at LEAST 4 weeks.
She'd probably have to have a heart transplant "someday" probably in her teens or 20's.
I'd only be able to hold her five to ten minutes before they took her away.

Nothing went how they told me, not really.

She was in the hospital TEN MONTHS instead of 4 weeks.
She only had the first open heart surgery...
She failed the second surgery...
Her third surgery was that transplant they had warned about... only 15-20 years early.
And on July 20th at 11:30 pm when we welcomed her into the world, she was blue and lacking oxygen, so I didn't even get the promised five minutes with her, only a kiss to her cheek before they ran to save her life.

I don't say all this to say "woe is us."

On the contrary, I say all this to say WOW is our GOD. He has brought Ananbelle through so many storms, has been beside our family for five very long years. We had no promise of her being with us today. There were many moments as I watched doctors feverishly rush to save her life, pushing on her little chest to manually pump her heart, that I despaired of ever seeing it.

But today, I have the privilege and honor of being the momma to the most amazing five year old I know, a living breathing miracle.

She is my princess who loves all things pawprints and pink and Bandaids, and has an insane love of being tickled. She is so silly and giggly but is scared of blowing out birthday candles. (She practiced ALL day and managed to blow out her FIRST candle this year... then proceeded to cry for ten minutes.... We aren't sure if the smoke scared her or if she was upset at not getting them all...)

She still struggles with social issues and communicating and she has very little comprehension of the word "no".

But she has come through so much. She is my fighting princess and I am SO proud of the little girl she is and look forward to watching her grow and learning about the love of her Savior and becoming a young woman who can use her trials to impact the world for Jesus.

In the words of Annabelle as she was posing for a birthday party picture yesterday.... "I'm so fabulous!!" Yup, she definitely is one fabulous little girl!!!

7 hours old! (one of the few pictures she will ever have without her chest scar --aka badge of courage!)

Our big one-year-old princess!!!

What's new?? Annabelle's TWO!

I have no clue why I'm getting presents... but I guess it has something to do with turning three???

First year she didn't scream at the sight of her cake!!!! YEAH for four!!

Trying to blow out candles..... she practiced ALL day yesterday for this.

My new princess sophia dress-up dress!!!

Looky looky who turns FIVE today!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Summer Update

I always have good intentions in keeping my once-a-week blogging schedule. I can do anything once a week, right? (my unvacuumed floors beg to differ...)

I had really good intentions this week for my blog too, because I actually had a topic in mind!

(and no, it wasn't about SCOTUS... and while on the subject, am I the only one who had never heard of that acronym before this past week and scratched my head for about an hour before it dawned on me? POTUS is a fun one too. I guess I'm slow...)

But anywho, I was irritated at myself for not taking the time to blog last week or this week, but then I realized how dumb that is.

Life has been crazy. School is out, kids are home. I'm working on a self-made deadline and have two writing projects I need to FINISH by end of summer. One of those is my next novella, A Side of Love that WILL release this fall.

My house stays messier in the summer. My schedule stays fuller. And my mind stays on the brink of insanity, so any blogs I try to write feel like they are mental vomit. (Funny shoutout to my friend Katie, who back in the early days of her blog called it Brain Throwup... or something like that. It still makes me giggle thinking about it! She's also this massively huge Christy Award Winning author now. I can say I knew her when!!)

So I was sitting here berating myself for not blogging, and God raised his eyebrows at me and reminded me that blogging, while fun and enjoyable and something I love to do, is nowhere near the top of my priority list. I have a long list of things much more important that I'm not finding time to do, so why am I even fretting about it???

That said, I'm gonna give myself some wiggle room through July and August and give myself a reprieve. I'll probably still blog here and there if the urge hits (including doing my once-a-month View from my Bookshelf which I'm SUPER excited about!) but don't mind me if I'm mostly silent the next few months.

A GREAT way to keep in touch is to sign up to have blog posts emailed to you... that way you'll know when I blog even when my schedule necessitates a more random schedule. You can sign up on the right hand of my screen.

Also, I'm always on Facebook at so feel free to connect with me there!!

And finally, just a quick life update: The Phillips' family is doing well. We've had a crazy summer including a not-so-fun 3 day hospital stay two weeks ago with Annabelle due to a stomach virus and/or cdiff. We'd appreciate your prayers for a HEALTHY remaining bit of the summer, including Annabelle's FIFTH birthday that is coming up in less than a month!

Kiddos will also be spending a week with Grandma and Grandpa next month, and THEN we will begin the manic preperation for the start of probably the hardest school year of MY motherhood. Annabelle starts Kindergarten. Gabby starts 4th grade. Lacy starts Middle School. And Karalynn starts HIGH SCHOOL.

I'm gonna need to take stock out in Kleenex.

I think that's about it. Much love to you all, and praying you have a relaxing, fun, full-of-God's Love rest of the summer.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A View from My Bookshelf

SO excited about this post!

I've decided to dedicate one post a month to highly some of my FAVORITE reads from the previous month.

This will not be all inclusive. I read and love a LOT of books so I'll limit to my top few favorites of the month. But if you're looking for a few good reads, then keep reading!

The Thornbearer by Pepper Basham. I'll be very honest. I'm pretty biased in this book like, but seriously, this was an AMAZING book by one of my FAVORITE people in the world. Pepper lives up to her name, as she has offered an AMAZING seasoning to my life and "peppers" those around her with love and just pure awesomeness. This is a friend who, one year at conference, saw me come into a room and took one look at my face and said, "We need to pray." I was having a bit of an emotional meltdown at the time.

So celebrating her debut novel gave me a particularly hightened amount of joy.

But enough about sweet Pepper... her BOOK is just as amazing as the woman herself! It is set in the era of WWI, a timeframe I know frighteningly little about, and centers around the sinking of the Lusitania. Her writing is amazing and the romance is ~sigh~ worthy and I can't WAIT to read the next one!

Just The Way You Are by Jessica Patch. I'm trying to read more novellas since that's what I'm writing right now, and when I saw Jessica's new release, I was SO excited to check it out, and it definitely didn't disappoint! It was seriously one of the best novellas I've read and carried the punch of a novel, just with a shorter length. I'll be honest. Even though I am WRITING novellas, I have never been a big reader of them. If they are all like Jessica's book, that will quickly change!

Another fun note: her heroine is a florist! Which I thought was hilarious because the heroine in my next book is a florist too! (I promise I didn't steal the idea... just thought it was a fun coincidence when I started reading!) FLORISTS UNITE!

Three Little Words by Melissa Tagg. I've been a fan of Melissa's since before she even published a book (she's just a fun girl that you can't help but smile when you are around!) Again, in my quest to novella read, I read this awesome little book and LOVED it. The characters are quirky and fun and like to bicker a bit (if you've read any of my books, you know I tend to like that in characters!!!) and even better... it's FREE on Amazon!

Yes, FREE. Crazy Melissa, I would have totally paid $2.99 for it! (there are sequels to the book that you can purchase that I'm in the middle of reading-and-loving too, so once you finish THIS one, go check out THOSE!)

So that's it for the month. I have a few fav author books on my to-read-next pile so stay tuned for next month!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Blinking sleep from my eyes as I type this.

I'm ALMOST ready to be 100% back to my blogging. We got back from our Disney trip on Sunday to rush around to go to my nieces graduation open house just hours later.

Read: Still not unpacked and still have HOARDS of dirty laundry to do.

AND we were probably insane by deciding to pick up our 2nd doggy (Whitney's sister) on Monday as she still needed a home and we were still without a puppy. Her name is Sweat Pea Hope Phillips, but we are calling her Hope. Pictures to come, because, well, I'm exhausted and that would require work at this moment!

But HOPE was God's word for me this year. I'd wanted to call Whitney by that name, but my family didn't love it. I'm glad now, because they all thought it was a GREAT name this time around.

I really think God knew in his wisdom that THIS doggy was going to need that name so prompted us all to hold off on it.

Hope is settling in and we'll report more later!

Mommy is HOPING for a rekindling of fire in my writing. The last few months has been like dry bones in that department, blog included. I think stress has sapped it all out of me, but we all go through seasons of waiting and seasons on GOING, and I feel like we've come through a season where I needed to set it aside and focus on my family. I didn't always do a great job of it... I tried selfishly to pick up my writing and do it anyway, but God firmly slapped my hand each and every time.

Your prayers that I will be obediant to his calling in his timing are appreciated.

I want to do nothing without His full blessing.

Because doing so would be just plain dumb. I try to stay away from dumb. (well, that's not altogether true. I guess I'll add a bit of emphasis on the word TRY there...)

Love and prayers to all of you reading this. Prayiing God's blessings over YOU this week!

I'll be more whity next week. I promise. :-) :-)