Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Side of Love: Cover Reveal!

I feel sheepish posting this. My blog is sniffling from my neglect and not happy about the matter.

On the plus side, I've been busy writing so that makes up for it a bit, right?!?

Wanted to share with you the new cover for A Side of Love! It will release in February (probably toward the end, still finalizing my publishing schedule) and I'm so excited to share with you Beth and Garrett's story. This is the LAST Sandwich novella. They've been fun little books to write!

It has always been my heart to round out the Sandwich series with a full length novel (The Greatest is Love) but after a lot of prayer -- and honestly me finally laying down MY plans and listening to GOD'S, I've decided to put that project aside for now. It is a story near and dear to my heart, but needs to lay fallow for a bit.

But I'm working on some other very fun projects that I'm excited to share with you soon, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, I'm going to try and be more diligent about blogging at least once a week, but be warned. It won't be very serious stuff. Another thing God has been reminding me of is my tagline that he gave me a few years ago.

Finding Joy in the Journey.

A writer friend of mine pointed out to me recently that IS joy in the journey... quite literally -- and wouldn't you know it? It's a little joy sandwich.

My heart and calling has always been to make people smile, to find those precious gems of joy midst the turbulence that life can be.

Anyway, this ended up being a little deeper than just your run of the mill cover reveal blog post. My apologies. Eh, what I am I saying. I'm not really sorry about it. I <3 fun="" p="" tangents="">
Love you all!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


It's been a crazy busy month and I've put a HUGE priority on focusing on my family and not overwhelming myself (it--mostly--worked) thus the lack of posts.

SO excited to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS though and let you know that that my Christmas novella, A (kinda) Country Christmas is FREE through Saturday on Amazon via ebook, my Christmas gift to you!

Would love for you to go check it out and share about it if you can!

Now, I gotta go have some Christmas Eve fun with my kids! BLESSINGS to you all!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


(I posted this on my author page on Facebook -- but I thought it would make for a good blog post!)
I'm reading through the various versions of the Christmas story and events surrounding it in my (should be but not always) daily Bible reading. I found this one today and am pondering it.

We talk about the word BELIEVE a lot at Christmas time. I've always thought of it as the tie in to Santa -- that kids BELIEVE (or not) in Santa.

But I think when I see the world BELIEVE in Christmas decorations now, I'm going to think of this verse. To how Mary believed the impossible -- that she, a virgin, was carrying a baby from God. That she BELIEVED even though this pregnancy could cost her her life. That she BELIEVED that God would do what he said he would-- even though His words definitely didn't match up to how she thought her life would go.
Krista's blog addition:
What promises are YOU believing today? A promise in your life that seems impossible but you are believing anyway?

Be careful --- for ME, I find it really easy to confuse God's promises with my own desires. 

For example, last Christmas was --- ugh. NOT what I wanted it to be. The flu hit our house the week of Christmas, so Christmas day was spent with Daddy puking on the couch and delusional out of his head with high fever while the kids quietly opened presents to not disturb him. We had to go to our family Christmas and leave him behind :-(

I've begged and begged God to have a no sickie Christmas this year.

And what happens this week?

Strep happens. Annabelle had a fever all weekend, Gabby came down with it on Monday and Scott on Tuesday.

Thus far the other 3 of us are sickie free, and I'm praying and begging God to keep it away from us. For the girls to get through their final exams this week without getting sick. And for us not to have ANY sickness on Christmas.

But -- God never promises me an illness free Christmas. I learned 5 years ago, that he doesn't even promise us "first Christmas at home" with our baby.

He does promise to be with us every step of the way, though. And He does hear our prayers and I'm hopeful that we WILL be all well next week. 

Ah, such a hard thing sometimes, to distinguish between our own wants and desires and God's promises.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reputation Over Riches

In this super busy season, I have to confess. My Bible reading that I'd been trying REALLY hard to do daily (and LOVING IT) has gone by the wayside a bit, thus the dwindling over my verse of the day posts!

But the other day I was rushing out the door in the morning for one of my consulting gigs and eyed my Bible sitting on the table. I took a deep breath, backed up, and sat down. I only had a moment, but I was determined to read SOMETHING. I flipped to Proverbs and this was the verse I read...

A good reminder for us all!!! In business and life, it's REALLY REALLY tempting sometimes to tell "white lies" to get what we want or what would be best for business, but keeping our integrity is more important than any amount of money that could be made.

Also want to point out....

It doesn't say "choose a good reputation and God will bless you with great riches..."

Because isn't it easy to have the mindset of "If I do it my way, God will make me even MORE money than if I do it the wrong way..."

Doing right for selfish reasons isn't really doing right, hm?

No, sometimes choosing not to cut that corner, or not tell that little fib that seems really small, costs you money. Sometimes you don't get a grand monitary reward.

That's the point, I think. Personally, I'd rather people look at me at having the utmost honesty and struggle with finances rather than people not be able to trust me as I'm rolling in the dough.

(That doesn't mean you can't make money or succeed honestly! Just don't let the lure of that be the reason for your honesty....)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Books Make Great Gifts!

It's Cyber Monday!

I'm a weirdo. I'm not a big online shopper. I guess maybe it's like ebook vs paperback, there is just something reassuring about going to a store and buying a gift vs. clicking online.

Oh, I order stuff online too. It's just not my preferred method.


I am well aware that many, many people ARE huge online shoppers. 

AND since my books are available online --- I won't be dogging the idea completely! (and even as I type that, I remember a few things I needed to buy today on Amazon, HAHA!)

I posted this on my FB page, but wanted to post it here too!


In case you are out Cyber Monday shopping, wanted to remind you that a.) ALL my books are available on Amazon via ebook OR paperback (and in the case of Sandwich, Audio book as well!)

Below are the links:

Sandwich, with a Side of Romance -
A Side of Faith - Side of Hope - (kinda) Country Christmas -

You can also check out Love's Gift (ebook only) which includes A (kinda) Country Christmas along with 7 other Christmas novellas by various authors!

ALSO!!! If you haven't redeemed your 30% off coupon yet, Amazon is having a 30% off one book sale until 12/2! So if you've been wanting a copy of one of my books, now is a great time! Just use promo code HOLIDAY30 when you check out.

So there it is. My sales pitch for the Christmas season. Now I have to scurry on back to my author cave and put the final touches on A Side of Love! SO excited to share Beth and Garrett's story with you!



(Please note - all links I post on my blog to Amazon are affiliate links - so a % of everything you purchase from Amazon that you make after clicking on my link goes back to me as a sort of advertising bonus--. Just wanted to be on the up and up! That said --- feel free to click and buy away!)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Verse of the Day- Psalm 131:1-2

I was reading my Bible yesterday while at a little mini-writer's getaway and came across this verse.

It's always been one of my favorite verses, but the thing that hit me THIS time was the "I" after surely.

I've always taken this verse as "God" having calmed and quieted my soul. But having gone away for the weekend after a particularly difficult week, when my soul was in desperate need of having a little calm and quiet, it struck me that this is OUR responsibility to a point.

That there are things we can do to calm and quiet our souls.

Like honoring the day of rest.

Like taking moments to step away and focus on God.

Like laying our burdens at God's feet and resting in him.

Sometimes I feel a wee bit of mom guilt when I go away for these weekends a few times a year. But I'll be honest with you. My soul NEEDS them. It isn't a "fun" weekend or a vacation -- it is time to relax and let stories pour out of me at will. I am honestly a better momma after taking the time to do so. It was so nice to have God confirm that this weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Verse of the Day - 2 Peter 3:16

"...Some of (Paul's) comments are hard to understand, and those who are ignorant and unstable have twisted his letters to mean something quite different, just as they do with other parts of Scripture. And this will result in their destruction." 2 Peter 3:16b

I had a different verse I was going to highlight today, but this caught my eye and wouldn't let go.

A few things I found interesting:

--Peter isn't condemning Paul's letters. Paul, the very guy who called Peter out in public (see Galatians 2) about being a hypocrite. In fact, you'll notice in Acts that Peter steps up to defend and agree with Paul after the incident. Peter was a pistol of a guy and tended to act rashly at times, and I just LOVED to see this humility in him.

What would you do if someone "called you out" in public these days? Would you lash out or would you take a moment to see if there is any truth in the matter? Would you be able to support them and admit you were wrong?

While I think there is value in confronting privately first, I'm afraid to say that my first reaction would probably be defensiveness. Something to work on!

--Scripture isn't always simple or easy to understand, and is easy to be twisted and misapplied. It is very easy to read the Bible to "prove" something rather than to seek wisdom and truth, to justify our own desires and world view rather than to allow God to mold us into his image. The Bible isn't a sciencitifc text to hypothesize with and go out to prove our hypotheses. It is the Living Word of God. It was a good reminder to me to lay aside my own assumptions and seek God while I read.

Do you have any thoughts on this??

(also, just an update on Annabelle. She came through surgery GREAT but had some breathing issues with some areas of possible collapsed lungs that put her back in the hospital late Saturday night. She came home on Monday and is doing GREAT now, is back to school. We are so thankful for your prayers!)